Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Top 5 Ways to get Noticed on Woozworld

I think I can speak for all woozens when I say that everyone has that burning feeling inside that makes you strive to impress the Woozband. You wait for hours just to be near them, buy all the outfits, pretend to be the decent person, hoping that one day you might actually get to meet them. But how do you get them to notice you? That's what I'm gonna tell you.


If you want Woozband to notice you, a memorable colour code is a definite must. If you don't remember someone by their name, the second best thing is how they look. On a game like woozworld, everyone has the same generic body type, so you're colour code is the only thing telling you apart from other woozens. If people don't recognized you for your colour code, then the Woozband definitely wont either. So if you want to be noticeable, then make sure your colour code stands out. If need some help, check out the articles, "Importance of Colour Matching," or "Unique Woozworld Colour Codes," for inspiration.


If you want to get noticed its crucial that you have to go to events. Why? I'll tell you. It's because when people see your name, you start to develop a sort of 'brand.' Most people on Woozworld got famous because people remember them from events. When you go to an event, you don't usually see people you don't know, instead, you're probably going to see the more known people. People who are known for being at events. These people are known by Woozband because they always come to events where the Woozband members themselves are present. People remember will remember who you are because they've seen you around before. If other woozens know you, then you're surely going to be noticed by the Woozband.


People are especially influenced by modeling agencies. Being a model, or owning a modeling agency is something that can draw attention to yourself, which can help you be known. When you're involved in things like modeling agencies, it makes you more involved in the Woozworld community as a whole. When you're in a community like that of Modeling agencies, it will give you opportunities to meet people who are already close with Woozband members, and can even help you be recognized. Also, modeling agencies can only become verified under Woozband member instruction, which can as well help you be noticed.


When you own you're own Unitz, it almost draws people to you. Weather its a Theme Game, or a Trade Center, Having your own popular Unitz will make you known in Woozworld. Being known for something can help your status, therefore making it easier to be noticed by staff members. If people continuously go to your units, it can help build that 'brand' name as I mentioned before. This can as well impact how Woozband members see you.


Contests are very important when building your image on Woozworld. Some of the most famous people became famous from Woozworld Design Contests, and Unitz Design Contests. When you look at some of the outfits made by woozens, you automatically know who made them. When you win a contest on Woozworld, it means that Woozband specifically acknowledged you for something you've done. Winning a contest basically a train ticket to being noticed by Woozband.

If there are any other ways to become noticed by Woozband, don't be afraid to comment below !!! I hope you found this article helpful.

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