Saturday, 24 September 2016

Knockoff or Not? Zoomworld

If you've been on Woozworld lately, it is almost impossible to not notice the small blue and black creatures popping up all over the place. If you couldn't guess already, those creatures are called Zoomies. Though these creatures are oddly adorable, there's a lot of controversy surrounding these furry friends. Are these so called Zoomies a knockoff of a recently popular game? or are they inventive, and entirely different? You decide.


In order to understand where Zoomies came from in the first place, you need to know the backstory.

Zoomworld started as an argument between Arya and Emily, two polar opposites. Emily is a rebel, while Arya is what you'd expect, a prep. Emily one day comes up with the idea of Zoomworld, talking about how its real and how it's the exact opposite of Woozworld. Zoomworld  is a world where the rebels rule, unlike Woozworld where apparently the preps own the place. Arya, automatically opposes Emily, saying that Zoomworld couldn't exist and that Emily only wants attention. This is where their feud starts. After looking around their school's library, Emily finally gains information to prove that Zoomworld actually exists. After a while, Arya starts to believe the Zoomworld myths as well, but then finds out that Zoomworld might not be the paradise Emily was expecting.

Long story short, there is a portal that can take you in between the worlds of Zoomworld, and Woozworld. Now, that portal is releasing Zoomies into Woozworld. Which takes us to the conversation topic.


I'm sure by now, everyone's seen the countless advertisements for an IOS phone application called 'Pok√©mon Go.' This app focus's on finding, and catching little monsters that have invaded your world. Does this sound familiar? You wouldn't be the first person to think that. It's no mystery that lately games where you can 'Collect Them All' have been a popular trend. Has Woozworld finally succumbed to the media?

These small Zoomies might be less inventive than what they're made out to be. Though the storyline behind these monsters might be the reason for all the drawn attention, the story line wouldn't be the first of its genre. There have as well been stories with alternate worlds, that can only be passed through a portal. A majority of the scenarios that have been taking place in this storyline, could as well of been copied. Though of course, this could just be Woozworld's idea of trying to bring in a larger margin of people. Either way, these are reasons for why Woozworld fudged the originality box.

or NOT?

Woozworld isn't the first online game to make a sub-story involving catching monsters. There are so many games with this characteristic, that you could even call it a genre in itself. Doing a sub-story involving monsters could only be an idea that popped up. Just because a popular game today involves catching monsters, doesn't mean that Woozworld copied the game idea off them specifically.

Woozworld has gotten to a holt lately, and is having trouble bringing in more people to play the game. This could cause Woozworld to try something different for a change, and like I said before, bring in new audiences.

There is as well the fact that Woozworld has done events like this before. There have been many times where Woozworld comes up with an achievement based storyline. You finish the story, and then you do the 'collect them all' saga that comes afterwards. Just because Woozworld creates a story with little monsters that you have to catch, doesn't mean they were copied off a popular game.

I want to see what you think! Leave a comment below... do you think it's a knockoff, or not? Only you decide.

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