Friday, 16 September 2016

Importance of Colour Matching

We all know that you should never mix blue and green or pink and red together. It looks tacky, boring and just confusing. There are so many rules we are never told about. Did you know yellow and green will make you look like a drunk bumblebee?

Here you see an important feature. The colour wheel. Now don't get too faced by the boredom or plainness of this wheel, there are 50 shades of purple, blue, lilac, red, orange, green, yellow and even black. However, if you're looking for colours that would work well and make you POP out of your clothes try opposites. Like Pastel yellow and a darker purple detail or a smoky red with calm green highlights. These little features will always work great. No matter what code you have. If your outfit clashes. Your woozen will look like trash.

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